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Her eyes locked on his, she slid slowly off the table, sauntering into his lap, and then sitting on it, shifting so that her wet sex was pressed against the base of his hard cock, rubbing slowly back and forth, so that her moist cunt rubbed lusciously against the hard shaft of flesh. A quick comparison for you of the female Argonians: Racial predilections were perhaps lessened, here, in what was officially a part of the Imperial province, but still, the undercurrent of dislike ran strong in both non-human races. The Imperial gave a soft moan, and settled back into the chair, stroking the back of her head affectionately as she slid down his length, removing her paw and letting her muzzle sink down his length, all the way, her paws balancing on his thighs as she gave a lustful moan around his length, and then began to purr, before engulfing him fully, drawing him into her throat like last time, letting her muzzle vibrate around him. Her knees had spread wide, smooth stomach muscles taught beneath her soft fur as she slowly leaned forwards, ears flicking a little, green eyes peering up at him mischievously.

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